Embedded Posts & Poles

Before Digging Call (811) to have all service lines marked free of charge.




Basketball Goal

Fence Posts


  •  Tarp or Plastic Sheeting (to place dirt on while digging the holes)
  • Post Hole Diggers
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Gloves
  • Water Hose & Nozzle
  • Batter Boards
  • Level (preferably a post-level)
  • Rubber Bands (for holding the post-level to the post hands-free)
  • Wooden Stakes (for bracing the post once plumb/level)
  • Clamps (for holding the wooden stakes to the post)
  • Pencil


Concrete Mix



  • Install Batterboards
  • Depth of Post: The portion below ground should be 1/3 – 1/2 of post height above ground. It is common practice to over-dig the hole by roughly six inches and then backfill to the exact height with gravel.  (if the post is 12 feet long, the portion to be in the ground is 4-6 feet)
  • Diameter of the Post Hole: The post hole should be three time the width of the post.  (A four inch post should have a hole diameter of twelve inches)
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